how to clean marble tiles
Marble tiles are a perfect way to add elegance and beauty to your home. The natural veining and variety of colour blends in marble tiles are perfect for any home decorating style – from mid-century modern to traditional.  Despite being extremely durable, marble tiles require timely maintenance and regular cleaning to maintain a beautiful appearance. Here’s your detailed guide to cleaning your marble tiles in Melbourne.   How To Clean and Polish Marble Floor Tiles
kitchen benchtop
Considering that the kitchen is the central portion of the house, it is a place where one eats, cooks and gathers around to plan for the day ahead. However, we often overlook its appearance and functionality.  It is considered necessary to have a kitchen that is functional, reflects one’s own personality, taste and style. It is important to have a kitchen space that resonates with you and your functioning of efficiency. Planning for a  kitchen makeover
Natural stone suppliers all over the world have concluded that due to the rising demand, quartz has officially become one of the most popular surfaces in the market. Quartz is popular for homeowners as it can provide your space an aesthetic, eye-pleasing, and alluring appearance. There are plenty of functional benefits this material offers as well. Natural stone suppliers recommend quartz to many homeowners in Melbourne simply because it requires effortless cleaning with little to
While building a new home or even renovating the existing one, you think about various possibilities in which you can decorate your home and make it look appealing. One of the best ways to do so is by installing natural stones in your home. Be it the kitchen, flooring, walls or your bedroom- natural stones can do wonders to the way your home looks. Among the plethora of natural stone options available, travertine tiles is
While looking for the perfect kitchen benchtop, it can be stressful to decide the right material. Sure, you’ve brought yourself to narrow down the list to a compilation of natural stones, but which one should you go for? Kitchen benchtops in Melbourne are present in a wide variety of materials, from wood to natural stone to even engineered stone. However, your choice depends on the kind of aesthetic appeal, the colour, and the feel you’re