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Step by step detailed care guide for Carrara marble

Carrara White Marble Slab Benchtop Kitchen Atlas Tile And Stone

When it comes to marble, Carrara is at the top of the heap. It comes in a variety of whites and greys and is suited for almost any sort of decor. Its colour variations are the essence of what marble is supposed to look like. This marble tile offers a clean look with its subtle grey hues pattern. Carrara, like any marble, requires careful attention, and because the colour of Carrara marble is so light, delaying the cleaning and maintenance routine can be seen clearly.

Where you can use Carrara marble:

Some of the best uses of Carrara marble to match your style and preferences include countertops, backsplashes, fireplaces, tile floorings and shower walls. Carrara marble tiles are beautiful, unique and cost-effective materials that are available in fascinating designs to fit with all styles and budgets.

In this article, we will talk about how you can take care of this alluring stone in the most effective way.

Cleaning Carrara marble

When it comes to keeping Carrara marble clean, all spills should be cleaned with water and dried as quickly as possible. Carrara marble’s light colour can discolour, especially when exposed to dark substances like red wine. Acidic substances can potentially damage your marble surface by etching it. Avoid using soap on marble as it can lead to discolouration of the stone.

If you get ink on your marble, you can clean it up with a mixture of water and bleach. The most common product used to remove food stains is Hydrogen peroxide, mixing ammonia and water to remove mould and mildew. You should also avoid any acid-based products on your marble, regardless of what stains it.

You should consider cleaning your Carrara Marble tile once a day or after each use with a stone cleaner. All you need to do is spray the cleaner on the surface of the stone and wipe it off with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Sealing Carrara marble

Carrara marble tile requires utmost care and attention. They are delicate and need to be sealed regularly to protect them from spills and other potential hazards. The marble is sealed to keep moisture out of the porous stone. This marble should be sealed at least once a year. Carrara marble should be sealed twice a year in heavily-used areas. They tend to develop moisture in their natural porous form, which can result in the weakening of the stone. Sealing helps to extract moisture and avoids the early displacement of Carrara marble. Sealing marble tiles helps your marble stone last longer and enhance their beauty. Along with that, it is one of the most cost-effective cleaning methods.

Polishing Carrara marble

As time passes your white marble tile can lose its shine and become dull. Polishing Carrara marble can help remove the roughness on the surface of the stone and bring back the luxurious shine in no time. It also provides a fresh and new look to your marble tiles. This process can be done easily by carefully applying the standard polishing product on the surface of the tile. After completion of the process, you will have a water-resistant coating on the surface of the marble tile that will safeguard your tile against glass rings, spills, and etching.

Liquids like citrus and alcohol can dull a marble surface, in order to avoid staining of marble surface ensure not to place containers directly on the surface of your Carrara marble tiles.

Fixing Carrara marble

Having said that, if you notice any severe problems with your marble tiles, it is vital to contact experts rather than self-handling these issues. Engage with professional stone repairing services to fill your surface cracks or etching that marble tile has sustained. Further, this process can be done by polishing the stone and applying the sealant to create a barrier between the stone and anything that could cause potential harm to the marble tile.

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