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Why Choose us

From flooring and wall cladding to pool surrounds and driveways, numerous home improvement projects could use some stunning natural stone. To ensure your project looks fantastic and the results last you well into the future without requiring repairs or replacements, you must find a highly reputable stone supplier.

Our staff at Atlas Tile & Stone in Melbourne is always eager to help you track down the exotic or hard-to-find stone to beautify your home. View samples of diverse stones in our showroom or our staff will arrange for you to see our full-size slabs when available.

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Designing your home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. For furnishings that will last a lifetime, it’s important to get quality materials from stone wholesalers. High-quality natural stone is a beautiful and durable material that you can use anywhere in your home and garden.

However, not all stone supplies are made equal! Generic stone may be cheaper to buy from stone importers, but it is prone to damage and will quickly need replacement.

If you need to find reliable natural stone suppliers in Melbourne, look no further than Atlas Tile and Stone! We’re one of the best stone importers and stone wholesalers in the city. We provide only top-grade materials, so you can be guaranteed of their strength and style.

Why We’re The Best Stone Tile Suppliers In Melbourne

What sets Atlas apart from other stone importers and stone wholesalers is our attention to client needs. Our stone supplier in Melbourne will always offer the best recommendations for your home. We also take our inspiration from nature and strive to showcase the best of Australian craftsmanship.

While we use our expertise and training to guide us, it’s still your opinion that matters most. Our natural stone suppliers in Melbourne will consider all the details you want. Tell us your vision, and our stone importers will do their best to make it happen.


Some materials will be more affordable because they’re easier to fabricate by tile suppliers in Melbourne. We want to help you find cost-efficient, stylish solutions for your home. After a consultation with us, our natural stone suppliers in Melbourne can give you an initial price quote. Atlas’ stone importers will tell you if there are similar, more affordable alternatives for your desired material. Our stone wholesalers always look for the best deals from quality stone quarries. Let us help you find the best materials that won’t break the bank!


A fundamental question that all stone wholesalers should ask is, “Where do you plan to use this stone?” While durability or porousness may be more important for kitchen use, it won’t be as important for decorative fixtures or surfaces. By finding out where the stone will be used, our tile suppliers in Melbourne can offer you a wider variety of options. Whether for use in the kitchen or elsewhere, we will find you the best and most durable materials. Talk to us about your home furnishing plans. Our stone wholesalers will give you candid advice about how much maintenance your chosen tile will need and if it is suited for its intended use.

Interior Design

As top-notch stone importers and stone wholesalers, we strive to offer a variety of hues and styles to our customers. From cool neutrals to warm, dark tones, Atlas supplies a wide range of natural stone tiles in Melbourne that will suit any home’s colour scheme. If it’s not in our showroom, we will do our best to find that unique stone for you! Our stone importers also offer suggestions based on stone veining and finishes. Some areas are best highlighted by a glossy stone that will require more cleaning. Other surfaces look more attractive with a rougher, more rustic texture. Many customers ask for a luxurious, marble-like material but with greater durability. If you’re wondering what may complement your home’s style, our natural stone suppliers in Melbourne can give you a look at our showroom. We can present different samples of our stone tiles in Melbourne, so you can see for yourself if it suits your decorating plan.


Stones will vary in strength and durability, so our stone supplier in Melbourne will also advise you based on upkeep. Our stone importers usually recommend sealing soft or porous stone surfaces for improved stain resistance and easier maintenance. We also give useful tips for proper cleaning and care for your chosen stone. Some stones will be much easier to maintain and clean. If you’re concerned about the cost of upkeep, our stone supplier in Melbourne can offer you UV-resistant, scratch-resistant, and spill-resistant solutions.

Quality Stone Suppliers And Stone Tiles In Melbourne

As the best stone suppliers and stone wholesalers in Melbourne, Atlas Tile and Stone can provide a wide range of superior stone products. We provide the following items and stone tiles in Melbourne, all in different materials and looks that you can choose from:

We regularly offer great deals on these, so make sure to check our site to find out what’s on sale. Reach out to our stone supplier in Melbourne if you want to know more about our products. We’d be happy to answer your questions and give a helping hand!

Why work with us

Numerous home improvement projects could use some stunning natural stone from flooring and wall cladding to pool surrounds and driveways. To ensure your project looks fantastic and the results last you well into the future without requiring repairs or replacements, you must find a highly reputable stone supplier.

Give your space an exceptional beauty with unique flooring options

When furnishing and decorating your home, it is essential to use quality materials both inside and out, like a stone. Higher quality natural stone will generally remain more robust and more aesthetically pleasing for a longer time than generic stone. Unfortunately, you may have found it difficult to source high-quality stones in Melbourne for your house, office or garden. But, not anymore!

Atlas Tile & Stone is one of Melbourne's leading stone suppliers offering a wide and diverse variety of imported superior-quality natural stone for those looking to give their flooring or walls a sparkling, refreshing and long-lasting beauty.

You have access to the world's most beautiful stones, including Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Onyx, Granite, Bluestone at Atlas Tile & Stone. Being one of the largest natural stone importers from reputable and trusted organisations, we offer high-quality natural stone from across the world for our clients.

Natural stone is durable, versatile and comes in a wide array of colours to enhance your high-end residential and commercial projects' look and function. As some distinct stones will possess wide variations in performance, some may be better suited for your particular application than others. Atlas Tile & Stone, stone wholesalers in Melbourne, is here to help you find the right stone for your needs and teach you how to maintain it and ensure years of enjoyment and beauty.

Being one of the leading stone importers and stone suppliers, we stand firm on top-grade stone and never compromise on our products' quality to ensure your satisfaction.

Atlas is one of Melbourne's most promising stone suppliers, home to some of the best products for interior designers, builders, developers, architects, and renovators. No matter your project requirements, our supply of stones, such as travertine, can add significant strength and value to your residential or commercial property.

As renowned stone importers and stone suppliers in Melbourne, we are focused on providing the best possible products to respond to our customers' needs.

We are the leading stone importer, wholesaler and stone supplier in Melbourne, and our innovation and quality are the results of our response to the latest trends and market demands. We find inspiration from natural surfaces and know-how, combining subtle colours, textures, and surfaces can create sophisticated and elegant results.

We stock a wide and diverse variety of natural stone slabs and stone tiles and stone pavers for you to choose from. Our professional and trained staff is dedicated and willing to traverse you through our substantial collection and offer expert advice to make sure you select a product suitable for your budget, taste and requirements.

Natural Stone Suppliers Melbourne: Contact Us Today!

Getting the right material for your home interiors doesn’t have to be tedious or costly. Contact us at Atlas Tile and Stone to find out what you should use in your patio or kitchen. Just one email or call is all it takes to get a consultation and price quotes from our tile suppliers in Melbourne.

You can also visit our showroom to see our impressive stone products for yourself! Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions – with our help, your dream home will come to life through beautiful, natural stonework.

Contact us today on (03) 87538127 for a MAKE AN ENQUIRY.


Chintan Shukla
Chintan Shukla
12:33 08 Jun 21
Excellent quality stones/granites and slabs. I have never seen a huge collection of marbles and slabs for the kitchen. prices are good and affordable. Best Natural Stone Suppliers in Melbourne. highly recommended.
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Amair Trafficradius
09:02 10 May 21
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Baqir Rezaie
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Mojtaba Lotfalian
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Sam Fatemi
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Beautiful stone and tiles