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Confused about selecting the right countertop material? It’s time to consider Caesarstone

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Natural stone suppliers all over the world have concluded that due to the rising demand, quartz has officially become one of the most popular surfaces in the market. Quartz is popular for homeowners as it can provide your space an aesthetic, eye-pleasing, and alluring appearance. There are plenty of functional benefits this material offers as well. Natural stone suppliers recommend quartz to many homeowners in Melbourne simply because it requires effortless cleaning with little to no maintenance.

If you are deciding whether to install a quartz or Caesarstone benchtop in your home, read on – we’ve got some great information for you below.

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is made from a compound of a minimum of 93% natural quartz crystals with a special vacuum, heat, and pressure process. Additionally, polymer acrylic resins are mixed with the quartz crystals resulting in a solid, sturdy, dense, non-porous homogenous Caesarstone slab that provides you four times the flexural strength and has double the resistance impact of granite. The process of manufacturing Caesarstone by Caesarstone suppliers in Melbourne involves enhancing the natural stone by strengthening it, which makes the Caesarstone more flexible, resilient, durable, with an improved colour and alluring appearance. The overall effect of a re-engineered Caesarstone slab from natural stone suppliers provides a lustrous 3-dimensional crystal-like appearance that contains colour and patterns that follow consistently throughout the entire thickness of the countertop. This allows proper coordination of the colours between different Caesarstone slabs which is far better than a quarried stone provided by various natural stone suppliers.

Another reason why Caesarstone suppliers in Melbourne recommend Caesarstone is because of the superior quality it instils. The premium quality of Caesarstone makes them a suitable material for kitchens, bathrooms, vanity tops, interior furniture, staircases, benches, or shower walls. But the uses and benefits of Caesarstone do not end here. With a certain special process, Caesarstone can be shaped into basins, shower trays, sinks, etc., which makes them a perfect versatile material that most Caesarstone suppliers in Melbourne can offer.

Quartz ranks as the fourth hardest mineral found in nature, with a score of 7 on the Mohs scale. Topaz scores at 8, Corundum at 9, and the last diamond at a score of 10. On the Mohs scale, marble scores between 3 and 5, and a standard knife at 5.5, which makes Caesarstone much harder than your knife.

What is the process of Caesarstone?

Caesarstone surfaces are made to provide you with exacting excellent standards from the start of procurement of raw materials to the end quality control check. The manufacturing process starts with a rigorous inspection of all the incoming raw materials. These raw materials are blended at a ratio of up to 90% of natural quartz aggregates along with pigments and polymer resins. Further, the Caesarstone surfaces are manufactured following a highly automated and strict monitored process which includes these steps:

Feeding & mixing

Once all the raw materials are thoroughly inspected, they are combined and mixed. 

Moulding & pressing

The mixture is then poured into a mould that can create a slab size of appropriate length and width.


After being compressed in a special vacuum, the slabs are then vibrated at a pressure of 1000 tonnes. This process removes any inconsistencies and formation of air bubbles.


After the slab is formed, it is gauged, calibrated, and then polished up to a high durable semi-sheen finish.

Quality testing

Each slab is thoroughly inspected to ensure a quality product.


The last stage involved tagging where each Caesarstone slab is labelled and marked with all relevant and required information.

Why should you choose Caesarstone?

Caesarstone countertops are one of the most popular and high quality quartz products available in the market. Here are a few reasons why Caesarstone suppliers in Melbourne are gaining popularity:

1) Quality appearance

Most natural stone suppliers provide the best quality natural stones for various purposes. No other material can offer you such an appealing and individual look other than a natural stone. But this does not mean that a Caesarstone bench can be less appealing. The Caesarstone suppliers in Melbourne offer you surfaces that are some of the most attractive that you will be able to find. Add that to the fact that Caesarstone is exceptionally durable, you can see why they are one of the most popular materials offered by several Caesarstone suppliers in Melbourne.

2) Easy maintenance

Have you ever wished to install a natural stone material for your countertops from any natural stone suppliers, but backed out because of the high maintenance costs and time? When it comes to Caesarstone, you don’t have to worry about high-cost maintenance or cleaning. Most natural stone suppliers offer you materials that require proper sealing. At the same time, major Caesarstone suppliers in Melbourne will provide you countertops that require no sealing. This is because for cleaning a Caesarstone countertop, all you require is soap and water. Amazing right?

3) Durable

Most homeowners in Melbourne decide to choose a stone material that is not only high in quality but also sturdy and durable. According to various Caesarstone suppliers in Melbourne, Caesarstone countertops are one of the strongest stone material options you can choose for your project. The amount of strength it contains is compared to that of granite, which is one of the strongest natural stones offered by natural stone suppliers alone.

4) Non-porous

Any engineered material will always be non-porous. Because Caesarstone is engineered, the final products are non-porous. This ensures that the material is resistant to scratches, stains, cracks, chips, mould and mildew. 

5) Versatile

Various natural stone suppliers in Melbourne will be able to offer you an array of colour options to choose from. When it comes to Caesarstone, there is a wide range of styles, colours, designs, and patterns you can choose from. The versatility of this stone is the reason why you will easily be able to find and choose a particular style that fits the decor of any room.

6) Flexible

Fabricators in Melbourne can generally shape Caesarstone into curves and other shapes. This material can also be cut into small tiles with unique dimensions. Caesarstone can create shapes that are versatile enough for tables, stairs, walls, sinks, and other applications.

7) Sustainable

The Caesarstone surfaces provided by natural stone suppliers are one of the most eco-friendly countertop options that you will ever notice.

We are one of the most reliable natural stone suppliers in Melbourne having a wide range of marble stones for you to choose from. Let us know your specific requirements and what exactly you are looking for. Our team in Melbourne can provide you with some ideas regarding the use of Caesarstone in your home to make sure you get the most out of your marble. Contact us today, and get started with a consult and quote.

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