• Home Looking for an ecological kitchen Countertop solution? We present to you: natural stone Benchtops

Looking for an ecological kitchen Countertop solution? We present to you: natural stone Benchtops

Granite Kitchen Counter

While looking for the perfect kitchen benchtop, it can be stressful to decide the right material. Sure, you’ve brought yourself to narrow down the list to a compilation of natural stones, but which one should you go for? Kitchen benchtops in Melbourne are present in a wide variety of materials, from wood to natural stone to even engineered stone. However, your choice depends on the kind of aesthetic appeal, the colour, and the feel you’re looking for within your home.

The different types of natural stone countertop include:

Granite Countertops

As a natural stone, every slab of granite is unique in its way. No two slabs of granite will ever be the same, thus adding an individualistic touch to your home. They’re durable, scratch, heat and chip resistant. Since it holds a low porosity, it is recommended for both internal and external applications. However, it can also be prone to stains due to the same reason. They can be costly and cold to lean on.

Marble Countertops

As the most preferred stone worldwide, marble countertops are a favourite amongst those looking to add an elegant, whitewashed feel within their kitchen. However, they aren’t necessarily the most recommended material for countertops. Marble is a soft stone and can be better for use in the form of floor or wall tiles. Marble countertops are incredibly expensive and bulky. That being said, marble is excellent for increasing the value of a property over a long period. It’s as good as an investment. Marble countertops can be long-lasting as long as they’re maintained the right way.

Limestone Countertops

Natural stone countertops in Melbourne range from a wide range of materials, be it marble or limestone. Limestone is one of the most convenient stones available in the market. As the predecessor of marble, limestone holds similar properties as the world’s most preferred stone. While one of the most significant advantages of owning a limestone countertop is the fact that it increases property value, moreover, limestone is a durable material, and can easily be accommodated in any room that you choose to place it in, be it the living room, the kitchen or even your bathroom.

Travertine Countertops

Travertine is yet another natural stone material that is said to have a striking similarity with marble and limestone. Moreover, travertine has held a tremendous amount of significance over the ancient periods. As one of the central stones used during the time of the Romans, travertine was used to build the Colosseum and the Theatre of Marcellus, etc. However, when it comes to its use as a countertop, travertine is generally preferred due to its strength and durability. With a range of earthy colours (shades of brown, ivory and beige), travertine can be used for a warm aesthetic in a kitchen or living room.

At Atlas Tile Stone, we can help you find a wide range of natural stones for comfortable use in your home. As the leading stone importers and wholesalers in Melbourne, you gain easy quality assurance, allowing ease to fall upon your heart as you place your order.

With our natural stone available in varying sizes, you can but needn’t limit its use to kitchen countertops. With stone tiles, slabs, pavers, and mosaics, the limit to your creativity simply doesn’t exist. Natural stones are growing to be the more preferred option with every passing day due to their ecological benefits. Even though their price points may suggest them to be a substantial investment, all of the natural stones available in the market are quite durable and are likely to last you a lifetime if maintained well. Go green, choose natural.

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