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Tips to use lighting to enhance your Benchtops

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Beautifying the room with a benchtop is a great idea. However, it is more than just the decision. Choosing a shape, the size of the benchtop and most importantly choosing the colour is one of the difficult tasks in the process. Thankfully, many natural stone benchtops experts in Melbourne can help you with all the necessary information and cost. While we leave significant functions for the experts, let us educate ourselves on how to play around with lighting in a while installing the benchtops.

No brights!

Benchtops are the centre of attraction, suggest you avoid bright coloured stones. Even if you have to choose a bright coloured benchtop for some reason, complement it with subtle light so that the impact is minimal.

Lighter and brighter

Natural stone bench stones come in colours such as neutral black or grey. It is advised to go either with white light or brushed nickel light to complement the colour.

You can also try using different hues and colours of light based on the kind of walls that you might have. There is enough scope of experimentation. However, do ensure that there is no glare on the benchtop, as it might give a very wrong and awkward feel.

Cabinet aided lighting

Cabinets can prove to be both good and wrong when it comes to lighting the benchtop. Most of the times, if the room receives a lot of fo natural light, the cabinets can cast a shadow on the benchtop. Having said this, cabinets and views can be used effectively to enhance the aesthetics of the benchtop.

If the cabinets are around the benchtop and the lights can be placed under the cabinets. This will not only help lighten up the room but will also beautify the benchtop. Pucks or light strips are the best possible way to lighten up the cabinet.

Island pendants

Pendant lights are one of the best ways to highlight the benchtop. These types of lights not only enhance the elegance but also work towards providing enough light across the platform. You could look at installing multiple pendant lights based on the length and the area of the benchtop.

Industrial inspired lighting tops go well with grey or black coloured tops. You can also experiment with pairing an antique-styled pendant which looks good with a black benchtop.

Led bulbs

Commercial establishments such as bars, restaurants use LED lighting very effectively and efficiently, and why should they not use it? LED bulbs provide a bright stream of light and are very cost-effective. They come in various colours and hues and also give an option of customisation.

LED bulbs come in different shapes and sizes, and they make interior lighting very impactfulThe LED lights come in different shapes and sizes, making it easy for customisation based on the way of the benchtop. A strip of fluorescent white or an off white LED can lighten up the benchtop very effectively. Even if the LED bulbs are used in the pendant lights, the impact of lighting is so strong that it leaves an impression.

LED panels encapsulated in an acrylic board is also an excellent option to brighten up the room selectively. The group not only works as a benchtop but also as a logical extension of the platform.

There are many stone benchtop offcuts experts in Melbourne. It is best to get in touch with any one of them and organise a site visit. This will not only help the stone expert understand the aesthetics but will also help you know how things are done!

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