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Why You Need Tundra Grey Countertops

With a soft overtone of grey with brown veins, tundra grey marble is usually recommended for countertops and flooring. While marble in general is considered to be a stone powerful enough to completely transform your home, tundra grey marble is preferred if you are looking for a more fresh and unconventional look in your commercial or residential space.

Since the colour of tundra grey is extremely soft and soothing, it is perfect when accompanied by a bold choice of colours or furniture. For example, if used as a kitchen countertop, it would be perfectly complemented by a turquoise blue or even a deep red. Your choice depends on the mood you’re looking to create with your kitchen’s environment.

If you’re looking for a durable yet appealing stone, contact atlas tile & stone and receive a quote for the desired product.

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Silver Travertine: The stone to shut down all your confusion

Silver travertine by itself is a stone that exudes luxury and sophistication but, at the same time, is equally minimalistic. With a sleek matte finish, Silver Travertine tiles can easily be found anywhere in Melbourne and are generally recommended and used for wall and floor tiles.

The difference in patterns and cuts makes silver travertine tiles one of the most unique out of all tiles. It is suitable for all homes whether they follow more of a rustic, old aesthetic or a modern, minimalist aesthetic. You only need to select the right cut to get your very own unique and custom design. Silver travertine, besides its general beauty, is also known to be one of the best to withstand harsh weather.

Whether you’re looking for Travertine tiles in Melbourne or even the best Travertine pavers in Melbourne, you can contact Atlas Tile & Stone for further assistance from a reliable provider.