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Limestone Tiles Melbourne

With its tactile surface and alluring natural lustre, limestone is a beautiful product for tiling floors, paving outdoor areas, cladding walls and surfacing benchtops. As a leading limestone tile supplier, we work tirelessly to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

Whether you’re a budding home renovator, professional interior designer or experienced builder, limestone tiles remain a popular option for both residential and commercial settings. Browse our online range or view the natural stone tiles up close at our Melbourne warehouse.

Why Invest in Limestone Tiles?

Featuring unique patterns and earthy tones, limestone tiles and slabs offer a raft of benefits. As a surface option for both exterior and interior spaces, limestone is well-known for creating a soft, elegant and luxurious look. Limestone tiles also offer functional benefits that make it stand out as a popular design choice.

As an experienced limestone supplier, here are a few of our favourite things about this foolproof material.


No matter the cut or style, limestone is well-regarded for its strength. Given its high-density properties, a slab of limestone from a reputable supplier can endure ferocious weather conditions while resisting decay, bacteria, mould and fire.


Limestone slab is naturally cool underneath your feet, making it ideal for surfacing outdoor areas that are exposed to the sun. In particular, slabs in lighter colours will help prevent bare feet from burning during those steamy summer days.


Speaking of colours, limestone tiles come in a broad palette that can fit a range of designs. From soft whites to dreamy creams, sandy neutrals to golden undertones, smoky greys to purple-tinged silvers, a trusted limestone supplier can provide you with plenty of options to complement your decor.


Not only does limestone boast a broad colour range, it also has a number of applications, too. Whether you’re resurfacing your outdoors areas, paving your driveway, cladding your walls or tiling your indoor floors, limestone slab can be used for many different purposes.

Customise Your Space with a Trusted Limestone Supplier in Melbourne

Now that you understand the many benefits of limestone, here are a few ideas for ways to incorporate this natural material into your interior design.

Spruce up your bathroom, laundry and entertaining areas with limestone tiles in Melbourne.

Add a chic and sophisticated touch to your interiors with high-quality floors from a limestone supplier. The surface’s high levels of durability make it ideal for withstanding high-traffic areas, while its variety of patterns and colours allow you to create a statement with your floors.

Update Your Outdoor Space with Hardwearing Limestone Pavers

With its cool non-slip surface, limestone tiles and slabs can be an ideal choice for outdoor paving projects. Materials with a more textured surface make for a great option when it comes to pool coping and edging, while smoother finishes can be used for adding character to alfresco dining spaces, decorative garden walls, quaint courtyards and winding garden paths. You can chat through your different options with a limestone supplier to invest in the perfect design solution for your outdoor space.

Make limestone benchtops an eye-catching feature for your kitchen In addition to walls and floors, limestone can be used for your countertops. Create a statement piece in your home with a striking slab of limestone as your benchtops or kitchen island.

For more ideas on ways to bring this natural and versatile material into your home, talk to a trusted limestone supplier today. They will be happy to guide you through your choices and make recommendations based on your particular needs.

The Go-To Limestone Supplier in Melbourne

As a reputable team of stone tiles and stone pavers suppliers in Melbourne, we take great care to source high-quality products for our customers. Our natural marble and limestone tiles consist of high density and pristine finishes, making them a beautiful product for your commercial or residential space.

When it comes to limestone suppliers in Melbourne, we strive to offer an excellent customer experience. We take your budget and preferences into account to help you find the best product to suit your needs.

Chat to our team of stone suppliers in Melbourne today.

Contact us now to discuss your queries or request a free quote. Alternatively, drop into our supplier warehouse to browse our range of stone tiles in Melbourne in person. From a marble or limestone slab to mosaic tiles and pavers, we have all surfaces covered – literally.

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