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Pool Coping Melbourne

What is pool coping and why do you need it?

If you’ve ever been to a pool, you might have noticed that the pool walls are different from the rest of the surface. This is because they are made from a different material known as pool coping. Coping refers to the protective cap or lip that covers the top of the pool structure and is used to cover the exposed steel wall and give the pool a polished look that’s safer for swimmers.

Pool coping is basically made of stone, concrete or other composite materials. There are metal and wood options also available for pool coping in Melbourne, but these tend to suffer more wear and tear in the moisture-rich pool environment. So, they will need more care, investment and maintenance.

Why do you need pool coping?

There are many advantages of pool coping in Melbourne. One purpose is to keep splashout away from your pool and direct it into the deck drains. Apart from that, the benefits of pool coping also include:

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How to choose the right type of pool coping material?

At Atlas Tile and Stone, you will find a wide range of tiles or stones of different patterns, textures, colours and sizes, but what should you look for to make sure you select the best material for your pool coping?


The first thing that you need to think about is the affordability of the material. Think about your budget and the maintenance you’re prepared to do. Also, think about how affordable the material you selected will be to replace or repair if needed.


Along with affordability, the material should be long lasting and durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Also, if used for a saltwater pool, the coping should be resistant to that particular environment.


Safety should be one of the major concerns you have when considering the different coping materials because coping will be installed around the swimming pool, which can become a dangerous place if not treated with caution. Make sure your choice will provide adequate grip in wet conditions.


Talking about styles, Atlas Tile and Stone offers a range of options when it comes to pool coping that blends with your deck, landscape and other design elements. If you are looking for a company that offers varieties of pool coping, contact us today!