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Kitchen Stone Benchtops: A Guide To Kitchen Countertop Materials

Selecting the right material for your kitchen benchtop is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It impacts the overall aesthetics of your kitchen and helps you to maintain its cleanliness more effectively. Invest in the right kitchen benchtop with proper maintenance, it will last you for years without any hassle.

Consider your budget and the time you can spend cleaning every day, then choose from our fine selection of different natural stones. Atlas Tile and Stone supply beautiful stone and marble benchtops in Melbourne, with a variety of colours, designs and styles as per your requirement.

From clean, elegant neutrals to dark and warm finishes, our stone suppliers in Melbourne can complete your dream kitchen. Here’s a quick guide to the materials we can use for your kitchen benchtop in Melbourne.

Marble Benchtops in Melbourne

A popular choice for any kitchen, marble is the most preferred material and is known for its unique beauty. Its natural coolness makes it an ideal benchtop for kneading bread or making pasta. However, its surface will require careful maintenance.

Some suppliers recommend adding a light coat of wax, but this is optional protection as it does not add gloss to the material. Using mild, non-abrasive detergents is key to keeping this very porous material clean. It’s more prone to stains and scratches and can be eroded by acids such as lemon juice or vinegar. Sealing marble annually can help preserve its luxurious surface.

Elegant Nero, Elba Blue, and Crystal Carrera are just some of the different materials that our marble wholesalers in Melbourne can supply. Visit our showroom to see which type is best for making your kitchen marble benchtops in Melbourne!

Limestone Kitchen Stone Benchtops in Melbourne

Like marble, limestone is a soft and porous natural material. It is made of calcites, a mineral that can be worn away by acids. Limestone is a more affordable alternative to granite and marble, and it’s much easier for suppliers to fabricate and install in your kitchen.

Homeowners prefer limestone due to its warm and earthy-neutral tones, which give a cosy, homely feeling to the kitchen. They are versatile, but are prone to marking, hence when stained, they need to clean immediately to prevent it from settling into the material.

Soft sponges or cloths should be used to clean this stone, as it is prone to scratching. To protect this cost-efficient natural material and keep it watertight, it’s highly recommended that you add a protective sealant.

Travertine Kitchen Stone Benchtops in Melbourne

Travertine is a type of limestone that is highly porous and comes with many holes on its surface, giving it a unique finish. It’s ideal for kitchen benchtops that will see lighter use. Some interior designers use this warm coloured stone for an island benchtop – complementing darker, more durable stones in larger surrounding counters.

It is recommended to avoid heavy-duty kitchen work on a travertine benchtop. Careful use of a chopping board and quick spill cleaning will help keep this stone pristine. Travertine will also need to be sealed to prevent stains and dirt from settling into its tiny natural crags.

If you want to add this luxurious stone to your kitchen, clean it only with warm water or a soap-free stone cleaner. Avoid using acids or spilling acids on this softer stone, as it will wear away at its surface.

Granite Kitchen Stone Benchtops in Melbourne

Another popular material for making a kitchen benchtop in Melbourne, granite has impressive strength and durability. Its hues and natural veining are determined by the minerals in the region, so you can get granite ranging from pale greys to warm browns – a versatile and strong option for any benchtop.

As it is durable, it doesn’t require as much maintenance as softer marble or limestone. It’s a good surface for big kitchen tasks, as it’s capable of withstanding most scratches and burns.

Granite kitchen benchtops may need additional sealing agents to protect its surface. Check the porosity of the granite used for your counters to find out if it needs to be sealed.

Bluestone Natural Stone Benchtop in Melbourne

A dark, durable stone that complements more rustic kitchen interiors, bluestone is a general term for different kinds of sandstone. Most varieties of this stone are found in a range of cool greys. Bluestone can chip or break with very heavy use, but it’s stronger and more scratch-resistant than other natural stones.

It can be polished for a smoother surface – a finish particularly recommended if your bluestone has flecks of shiny, reflective mica. Hard and porous, it is best protected from staining by applying a sealing agent annually or semi-annually.

The more aggressively you clean or use your bluestone kitchen benchtop, the more often it will need resealing. However, this stone will only need a little gentle soap and water to remove most stains. You can also use it as a darker decorative counter for lighter kitchen work, adding a pleasing contrast to warm wood or pale interiors.

Dolomite Natural Stone Benchtop in Melbourne

Dolomite is a unique stone that is slightly softer than granite. Prized for its heat resistance, it often comes in pale or grey hues – making it a popular alternative to marble countertops in Melbourne. Even if you rest a hot pan on its surface, it won’t be damaged or burned by the high temperature.

It’s more durable and scratch-resistant than marble, but it can still be cut by metal. A chopping board is still a recommended measure for preventing damage.

While it’s more prone to cracking and chipping than hardy granite, it will last for decades to come with careful cleaning. It’s less sensitive to acids and far more spill-resistant than other natural stones. Dolomite is also a more cost-efficient alternative to granite and marble, so it’s a solid option for homeowners who love the look of classic marble on a budget.

Onyx Natural Stone Benchtop in Melbourne

This material has a natural boldness and translucency that make it a standout material for kitchen benchtops. It benefits the most from dramatic lighting, which will reflect to a dazzling effect!

Onyx will require polishing every few years to look its best, and the final cut finish will fade away from use over time. Acid-neutralising detergents or cleaning agents are a must to keep this shiny surface from eroding.

Its lovely gleam requires heavy maintenance. Using a sealer will help protect its glossy surface and slow down the absorption of any spills. Because it’s a porous stone, it’s important to wipe up spills on its surface to keep it in tip-top condition.

As it’s a more delicate material, we recommend that you use onyx for more decorative statement benchtops, then use more durable materials for heavy-duty kitchen work. Alternatively, you may use lumix, a composite that is more sturdy but has a similar look and feel.

Porcelain Kitchen Stone Benchtops in Melbourne

Also known as sintered compact surfaces, porcelain benchtops are easy to clean and have low porosity. Pricewise, they’re comparable to granite and marble. They’re harder to fabricate than quartz or granite, so finding an expert supplier and installer is key if you want porcelain for your kitchen.

Because they’re non-porous, porcelain countertops are a much safer surface than marble for food preparation. They’re also harder, but they’re also more prone to cracks and chips than materials such as granite and marble. However, they’re UV-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Porcelain benchtops are also less prone to stains, making them far easier to clean and keep in sparkling condition. They also come in a variety of looks similar to natural materials, like marble and timber. They’re a solid choice for those who want more versatility in benchtop finishes without compromising ease of maintenance.

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