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Bianco Carrara

Bianco Carrara – Evoking the Era of Imperial Rome and Renaissance


Bianca Carrara marble has been highly valued since ancient times for its pure, impeccable whiteness with a tint of blue and grey and a touch of fine grainy-ness. As you turn the pages of history, it was used by Michelangelo for work such as Giovanni and Nicola Pisano. Fascinating, isn’t it? Its magnificence, luxury and premium quality transforms any space into a sophisticated area that radiates unimaginable beauty.


Popularity of Carrara Marble in Melbourne?


Carrara marble is a typical and preferred light-coloured marble in Melbourne that’s popular for its gradient, price and especially its beauty. Its distinctive contrast and patterns make the Carrara marble easily identifiable. Many people across Melbourne appreciate Carrara marble as a perfect material for modern and contemporary design that gives any space a classic and modern feeling.


We encompass this beauty


Atlas Tile & Stone believes in valuing the beauty of stone and continues the tradition of sourcing natural stone with block selection from century-old European quarries. If you are looking for this timeless beauty with a magnificent streak of natural Carrara marble, contact Atlas Tile & Stone.

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Specification Details:

Stone Type : Marble
Colour: White
Colour2: Grey
Finish: Honed , Polished
Application : Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors, Walls, Slabs, Tiles

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