Get the most premium boutique selection of Australia’s most demanded natural stone - Travertine Tiles

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? You can choose travertine tiles and pavers for that unique blend of mountain-born beauty and elegance to your residential and commercial properties. Atlas Tile Stone helps you to decorate your interiors and exteriors flooring, walls and benchtops with a varied selection of travertine pavers in Melbourne.

We are Australia’s well-known natural stone, marble and granite manufacturer offering the finest solutions for your natural stone requirements.

About Travertine Tiles

It is a type of limestone formed by mineral deposits from natural springs. This sedimentary stone is formed through a rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate (also known as calcite). Different types of minerals are mixed with calcite for the creation of unique swirls and movement which gives the travertine, a very distinctive character.

We are Melbourne’s best travertine pavers and tiles at a cost-effective prices

Travertine is extremely popular, durable and stylish which gives a very distinctive and unique look every time. It comes in two kinds of cut, vein and cross, one can also fill the tiles for a smoother surface to the stone. Travertine pavers are durable, soft on feet and can withstand any type of weather conditions with ease (when sealed correctly). Such travertine pavers can retain cool temperatures well and can even help you save on cooling.

They are perfect for indoors and outdoors and hence it is one of the best sellers. As an efficient stone importers in Melbourne, Atlas Tile Stones stocks the highest quality, and ethically sourced natural stone tiles. For more information or advice on Travertine pavers, you can reach out to us via email, over the phone or visit our showroom in Dandenong, South Melbourne.

Things to consider when choosing Travertine 

  •    Travertine pavers are cheaper than marble or granite
  •    They are available in different colours and tone 
  •    They are durable and add the perfect value to your home 
  •    It can be replaced easily and are very environmentally friendly 
  •    They are porous, and are highly reactive to acidic substances 
  •    You cannot use vinegar or salt for cleaning travertine tiles 
  •   Travertine tiles are heavier

Atlas Tile Stone- Natural stone and Pavers suppliers in Melbourne

AtAtlas Tile Stone, we believe in quality over quantity by stocking only the finest quality of Travertine pavers from the renowned quarries and suppliers around the world. We inspect all stone products prior to display and production to ensure that you receive the best products available in the Melbourne market by stone importers.

Natural stone, marble and granites feature unique natural patterning, i.e every piece is a one-of-a-kind. From landscapes to marble benchtops, At Atlas Tile Stone, you can browse our showroom in Dandenong, South Melbourne to suit your decoration and renovation requirements.

We have our in-store experts that help you in choosing the right kind of stone to suit your existing cabinetry and flooring needs for an eye-catchy and bold feature. We have a diverse range of products that caters to homeowners of different taste and budget, meaning, you get what you’re looking for.

You can browse our varied selection online or get the experience by touching our stones when visiting our showroom at Dandenong, South Melbourne. Get the full experience of browsing, touching and appreciate our full, extensive range of natural stone, discuss your requirements with our experienced team as they help you to understand what is required for you.

Visit our showroom or browse our collection online of travertine pavers today to experience one of the finest selections of natural stone in Melbourne. Contact us for more information on paver suppliers in Melbourne.

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