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Elegant, versatile and durable, stone pavers can add instant value to your property. From the pergola to the pool side, our pavers come in a range of colours, patterns and sizes to suit your space. As an established team of professional stone pavers in Melbourne, we work closely with you to find the perfect stone solution.

What has made stone pavers popular across Melbourne?

A popular outdoor surface for centuries, stone pavers continue to provide robust protection and benefits for homeowners. Today, stone pavers feature in Melbourne properties of all types – from suburban townhouses to luxury mansions. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Highly durable
  • As a highly sturdy material, stone is super resilient against even the harshest weather conditions. They can withstand up to four times as much weight as concrete, and are less likely to crack, given they are capable of expanding with the moving earth underneath.

  • Multi-purpose
  • The different types of pavers available allow for the perfect marriage of form and functionality. Dependant on the area you’re paving, you can choose between more textured surfaces that will draw the eye, or butter-smooth surfaces for a safe yet sleek finish. Where larger paving slabs are great for extensive indoor and outdoor areas, small stone tiles in a Melbourne inner-city homes can accentuate those narrow spaces such as back courtyards.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Not only are stone pavers highly durable, aesthetically striking and fit for a range of purposes, they’re also easy to maintain. With the right sealers applied, spills and stains are easy to mop up or wipe away, keeping your pavers spotlessly clean. The nature of the material also makes stone pavers relatively simple to replace: unlike concrete, where an entire slab is likely to be reinstalled, stone pavers means you can remove and replace only the damaged paver.

  • High degrees of safety
  • As a natural material, stone is more resistant to heat absorption, therefore alleviating the risk of burnt bare feet during those hot summer days. The superior drainage properties of stone also mean that rain will sap away fairly quickly rather than culminate in puddles that can create slip hazards. Lastly, pavers offer a highly skid-resistant and non-slip surface, allowing for ease of mind when it comes to everyday activities like your little ones riding their bicycles or playing chasey outside.

    Stunning natural stone pavers for Melbourne projects

    When it comes to natural stone pavers in Melbourne, we stock a versatile collection of patterns, colours, sizes and shapes. This versatility in design enables you to add high level surface protection and functionality that truly complements the surrounding environment.

    A classic stone paver, travertine is an excellent option when lining your driveway or poolside, providing its signature smooth water resistant surface. Available in cool greys, warm ivories and crisp whites, limestone floors help to create a timeless environment that can withstand constant activity.

    For the construction of an on-trend outdoor entertaining area, feature wall or garden path, bluestone pavers can transform the function and feel of your space. This natural stone is renowned for its unique character, instantly creating a warm, attractive and inviting space.

    No matter what kind of finish you prefer, our team of expert stone pavers in Melbourne can guide you towards the best option for your needs.

    The installation of stone pavers in Melbourne is simple

    As stone pavers do not necessarily require mortar setting, they are relatively easy to install. Home and business owners can simply place the pavers into position on a sand bed and lightly tap down with a hammer. Any noticeable voids in between can be filled with sand.

    Following installation, stone pavers can be walked or driven on straight away – there’s no waiting period for materials to dry. Our team of experienced stone pavers in Melbourne can help walk you through the process and provide any advice you need when it comes to installation.

    The go-to pavers supplier in Melbourne

    We’re proud to source and provide an exquisite range of natural granite and travertine products.

    Our team of pavers suppliers in Melbourne work to import high-quality materials that serve a range of purposes when it comes to the home.

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